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Sober Coaching: What to do after a relapse?

Man sad after relapse needs Sober Coaching

Sober Coaching: What to do after a relapse?

December 2, 2016

The road to recovery comes with many leaps and bounds. Unfortunately there may be times where we fall behind and relapse. The important thing to remember is that this is not the end. Recovery is still possible, and through proper sober coaching and education, it is possible to bounce back.


Handling Shame

So now that the relapse has occurred, please realize that you are not blame-worthy. You are not a failure. You are fighting a battle and there will be times where you may fall down. But it is not your fault. Now that you have survived the relapse, it is time to get back up and fight again. Your opportunity to beat your addiction is still just as alive as it was before. And it starts with getting practical and learning more about your self and the addiction.


Address the problem

A relapse is an unfortunate, yet oddly educational situation. After the incident, we can be reminded of what fuels our addiction. I don’t just mean the physical chemicals; I am also referring to how our bodies respond to the chemicals. It is important to remember that good things can come out of negative situations, especially when it comes to beating the situation. For instance, the memory of the high is now fresh; so write down how it affected your mind and body. Then compare that experience with how you felt before the high. What part of your body felt the urge the most? What led up to the addiction? Whatever you may have learned about your body, write it down and bring the information to discuss with your trusted counselor. We do not expect you to be able to make sense of how to recover all on your own. Our doctors will help you to get back on track and improve your lifestyle in order to make this relapse the last one. We will even provide for post-treatment support through Recovery Care Monitoring, which will help you stay on track in the outside world. However, that development begins with trusting the counselor.


Honest trust for Sober coaching

Here comes the hard part for many people. Admitting that you relapsed can be pretty scary, especially when you are trying your hardest to progress. What will they think of me? Am I going to be punished? Are thy going to kick me out? These thoughts are all based in fear and not reality. From the beginning, Recovery Care Partner is here for you, not your track record. We understand how hard it is to stay on track and we are here to support you through any trips and falls. There is no judgment, and our counselors find it extremely brave and mature that you would admit your relapse to them. It is only when you come forward that the two of you can begin to discuss moving forward. Proper sober coaching establishes trust, not fear of failure with the patient.