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Addiction Counselors: The Mentors You’ve Been Looking for

Addiction Counselors

Addiction Counselors: The Mentors You’ve Been Looking for

July 29, 2016

Addiction is often a solitary war within us. We often give up the fight because there isn’t anyone who can naturally understand what it is like to go through cravings, release, or withdrawals. But one of the first things our patients realize is that this is not a battle meant to be fought alone. Recovery pulls people together through the struggle, and allows us to understand our problems better on the way to the solutions. This is done primarily through our Addiction Counselors.


What they are like

Our Counselors comfortably invite the patient into a judgment free environment. They are not any previous conceptions about the patient that will interfere with the relationship. They help the patient by letting them express their inner feels, and cravings, while also getting to the psychological heart of the problems. A trust is built up between the patient and counselor, since no shame can keep them from forgiveness and recovery.


What we teach

Our various counselors offer incredible, friendly support to our patients. We work with them through mental exercises and therapeutic sessions to get to the core of their addiction and how to overcome it. We understand that addiction is more than just a substance. It is a mental and physical disease that is layered with causes and complications. However, they know well enough that the patients cannot stay dependent on their support forever. For recovery to be a success, the patient needs to leave the treatment facility and go back out into the world to conquer their addiction. To do that, our counselors’ ultimate goal is to train the patients to stand on their own two-feet and face their addiction in their life.

With Recovery Care Partner, our patients are invited to discover their potential for recovery in themselves, through the support of others. Our counselors’ do not just treat patients; they create lasting friendships. And in the dark troubles of addiction, a friend is often just the thing we all need.