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Lasting Friendship: Sober Companions Post-Treatment

Sober Companion post treatment

Lasting Friendship: Sober Companions Post-Treatment

October 14, 2016

Another process just as important as the in-patient recovery period is post-treatment. This is when the patient moves on and has to re-enter the world with the skills and treatment they gained while in the facility. This is a very crucial period since many people tend to relapse within 90 days after treatment. However, this does not have to be your story, since having a sober companion post-treatment can be the natural support you need. With one of Recovery Care Partner’s sober companions by your side, you can learn to hold your ground much easier against the fears, temptations, and struggles of life.


Increased social skills

One of the most common temptations when dealing with the aches of recovery is to just lock yourself in and not talk to anybody. Sometimes we don’t want to deal with answering questions from certain people who remind us of our past troubles. These can include family, friends, coworkers, or anybody else with complicated history. But with a sober companion, they can help build up your confidence to be socially open again. They can help you hold together when adjusting to your life once again.


Staying Sober

One of the benefits about having a sober companion through the recovery process is that they can help keep you accountable. We often experience anxiety, depression, and other problems as we try to re-enter the world. At least in the beginning, it is extremely difficult to make it through to full recovery by going at it alone. Most patients end up relapsing by staying solitary, but those chances decrease significantly once you have someone by your side. By learning to open yourself up about your real concerns and thoughts, you will grow stronger and more in control as a result. The support of someone else grants a therapeutic opportunity for you to better understand the heart of your own struggles and character.


At the end of the day, recovery is a journey. Battles will be won and lost along the way, but what is important is to never give up the fight to recovery. The best way to keep you on top is to stay accountable with someone else. Addiction is a battle of the mind as well as the body. That is why it is important to keep your mind clear with a sober companion when you both set out to reclaim the world. Addiction might have taken many things away, but now you will have so much more than you ever could imagine. Besides, you might just find a lasting friendship at the end of it.