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Addiction Recovery in Maryland: How to Have Fun

Having Sober Fun

Addiction Recovery in Maryland: How to Have Fun

February 26, 2016

The process of quitting drinking and smoking, or becoming sober, and completing rehab does not mean you need to spend the rest of your life in a boring existence. Although many recovering addicts have admitted that they don’t know how to enjoy life or have fun while being sober, our team has found ways to get you out of that mindset! We have found that many people in recovery simply don’t know what sober fun is and immediately look down upon it. Let it be known that addiction recovery in Maryland can be fun!


Make New Friends

 Sometimes letting go of old habits and even old friends could change your perspective on life and having fun. Approach new people with a positive attitude and radiate welcoming energy. Making new friends opens your eyes to things you’ve never shown interest in before. Attempt to make friends who are also in addiction recovery so that you will immediately have something in common with them and embark on sober adventures together.


Pick Up a Hobby

 Pursuing a hobby seems like an old school method to pass the time but has the potential to peak your interests. Now, we have the typical hobbies such as collecting stamps or coins, but those are the ones that most people roll their eyes at. Picking up a hobby where you can learn as you go will take you far during recovery. Hobbies such as woodworking, painting, cooking or even gardening equips you with valuable skills and provides self-fulfillment.



 Broaden your horizons! No matter whom you are or what you believe in, everyone enjoys traveling. If you’re in the first few months of addiction recovery in Maryland, then you should probably stay close to home and stick to the regimen you created. Once you’re comfortable enough, start by traveling between different cities in Maryland and gradually travel further each time. Having the opportunity to meet new people and seeing new places is often exciting and different. Traveling is a guaranteed way to ensure fun while in recovery.

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