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Addiction Education: Does Suboxone lead to Recovery?

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Addiction Education: Does Suboxone lead to Recovery?

October 21, 2016

Addiction can sometimes be a tricky thing to treat. Medication is often prescribed to assist an addict going through withdrawal symptoms. However, with varying kinds of drugs and levels of dependency, it can be unclear as to the right amount of (if any) medication should be prescribed to people battling addiction. For the benefit of a patient’s addiction education, we’ve chosen to focus on a controversial prescription drug known as Suboxone.


One of the most debated medications for treatment is Suboxone. A mixture between buprenorphine and naloxone, Suboxone is an FDA approved drug known for treating opiate addiction. The problem with the drug is that, depending on how addicted someone is to an opiate, Suboxone can itself be abused. It works as another drug that replaces the current one, and in some cases can even make thing worse. But is that true for everyone? What do we know about Suboxone, and how can we determine if it is the right medication for us? Ultimately, the decision to take suboxone has to be made with your doctor, but to help better understand the nature of the drug, please take a look at the following information for your addiction education.


The nature of Suboxone

Suboxone is used as a replacement drug that connects to the receptors of the brain that once craved the opiates. Once the chemicals in Suboxone attach themselves to the receptors, they act as a blocking system that prevents any of the opiates from attaching themselves to the brain. This has proven to be very effective at keeping users off other drugs.


Possible Abuse

However, those who are not previously addicted to a drug can easily abuse Suboxone. Suboxone offers a unique high for those who are not at all addicted to opiates or pain medications. This becomes dangerous, especially when Suboxone is taken with Alcohol.


However, even those who were prescribed Suboxone can become addicted to it. The goal of any treatment is to get clean off a harmful addiction. Suboxone is ultimately meant to get someone off addiction; but it can still lead to another habitual cycle.


So how do I know if I should take Suboxone or not? Well, your doctor and those who understand the nature of your addiction ultimately determine that. Suboxone should not be abused, but it definitely should not be feared if it is a necessary treatment. Follow your doctor’s instructions as to how and when you should take your Suboxone medication. However, if Suboxone is not for you, there are many more treatments available here at Recovery Care Partner that are just as effective. Your doctors and Recovery Care counselors will provide the proper level of addiction education for whatever concerns you may have.

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