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How Do You Know If A Person Has A Drug Problem?

Signs of Drug Addiction

How Do You Know If A Person Has A Drug Problem?

March 4, 2016

The signs of a drug addiction can range from subtle to striking. Here are some of the warning signs that someone is battling addiction and may need help.

Lack Of Interest

An addict often loses interests in activities they once enjoyed and may neglect their physical appearance quite a bit. General lethargy and lack of interest in daily activities can also be a sign of depression which can be another symptom of addiction.

Sudden Weight Loss Or Gain

Unless someone is trying to lose or gain weight, a sharp increase or decrease in weight is a common sign of substance abuse. Drugs such as marijuana can stimulate appetite while cocaine and methamphetamines can cause a total loss of appetite.

Bad Coordination And Mental Confusion

Stumbling, falling, shaking, voice tremors and confusion that occur with no apparent cause mean someone might be struggling.  Not having as many drugs as they need to maintain a certain level of comfort can make a person have small withdrawal symptoms until the person can use again.

Loss Of Performance At Work Or School

Loss of performance at school or work is an indication that something has changed. The decline may be gradual or happen all at once. Some people are better than others at hiding addiction, sometimes to the point where nobody notices until a very serious problem has developed.

Mood Swings

We all have our moods, but an addict may have very dramatic mood swings. Some substances may even lead to an otherwise calm person becoming violent or abusive to others, even those they care the most about in the world.

Finding Help

A family intervention is a good way to show someone struggling with addiction that there are people who care about them and want to see them get better . Pre-treatment counselors can help you figure out the best way to help someone confront an addiction issue. It is important to approach the situation with love and respect, and most importantly, to have professional support present to facilitate this difficult situation. Recovery Care Partner interventions are firm and professional without resorting to the drama sometimes portrayed in publicized interventions. We are here to help your loved ones overcome their substance abuse problem. Give us a call today today at 855-727-2887.