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The Importance of Having a Sober Companion

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The Importance of Having a Sober Companion

January 17, 2017

Going home after rehabilitation is a grueling experience. We often have to separate ourselves from the people we associated with before seeking treatment for substance abuse, so finding supportive people to be around, a sober companion, is extremely important for maintaining a clear mind and staying on track with sobriety.

People addicted to drugs, emotional dependency, alcohol and such find a sober companion particularly helpful in going through the daily rounds of the day. The sober companion is there to help those trying to stay clean to stay sober because, perhaps, they themselves have been through what the patient is going through.

The Benefits of a Sober Companion

Motivation- Imagine a life coach who will boost you back to life. Your sober companion will guide you through achieving your goals and keep you on the right sober path. Recovery past the rehabilitation center will be practiced each day. Little by little you enter the world you once knew or perhaps a new one with new perspectives. The sober companion will take you through situations where not everything may be alright but he/she will leave you independent and free.

Non-biased- Perhaps going back to the outside world will not be as smooth as expected because people can be biased in their attitude towards those in recovery. Therefore, a sober companion can help to be there for the patient in an unbiased position. This can be a big relief for someone who is new to sober life. Having a companion can help the patient gradually enter the world as it is but with an optimism which can be most difficult considering not everything may work the way that is expected.

Stay Sober- For a patient with multiple relapses, staying sober may be a problem. A sober companion may be the element that was missing. The sober companion may show the patient some new coping skills which may be different from the past times the patient tried to stay sober after rehabilitation.

And so the patient is taught how to go through daily life with care and love for oneself. The sober companion will teach the patient how to keep clean, socialize again, participate in positive activities and such.  In choosing a sober companion it is vital to look for a good one because it is a highly personal matter of choice.