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Finding a Job in Recovery

Job in Recovery

Finding a Job in Recovery

April 1, 2016

Beginning your journey of recovery can be tough. You’re finally back on track and ready to assimilate back into society, but don’t know where to begin. Finding a job is a great start to staying on track during your journey. In life, many see their careers or even employment as a key element that gives them purpose or keeps them motivated. Some people that enter recovery have the opportunity to continue working for the job they love. On the other hand, some will be faced with unemployment or work a job they don’t particularly like. Finding meaningful work in recovery is a way to ease the overall process and lead to success later in life.

How to Find a Job in Recovery

Finding employment in recovery may seem difficult, but there are several programs already put in place to help with this task. First off, many companies offer internship programs. An internship allows you to work, paid or unpaid, in a field of interest, and enables you to learn important skills as well as gain valuable experience. This is the best way to build your resume or even to get your foot in the door with a company. Try to find a company that you have interest in and can see yourself working at full-time.

In addition, volunteer work is a good way to transition back into a full-time job. Offering your services for free makes it easy for a company to bring you in and nurture your skills. Even if you already have a job, it is important to consider volunteer work as a way to expand your skillset, knowledge and expertise.

Be Honest to Potential Employers

When applying for jobs, people are faced with the decision of whether or not to disclose their former addiction to their employer. We have found that being honest is the way to go. Honestly is highly commendable, and being dishonest can lead to consequences if discovered later in time. Typically, an employer won’t ask a lot of questions or push on the subject once mentioned. Also, previous employers are not expected to disclose anything about their former employee’s addiction. This decision is highly personal and can take some time to figure out.

Benefits of Having a Job in Recovery

Being employed while in recovery has proven to be useful for continuing your sober success. The service providers over at Recovery Care Partners know all about these benefits and what they entail. Take a look at some potential benefits you can take advantage of while being employed in recovery:

-Stay motivated and eager

-Opportunities to learn and grow

-Keep your mind on the right path

-Gain professional experience

-One step closer to success

Having a job in recovery may be tough, but helps your journey in the long run. The staff at Recovery Care Partner are here to assist you in finding a job whether it’s a full-time paid gig or part-time internship to help you gain experience. If interested, get in touch with us today at 855-727-2887!