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Eyes on the Prize: Things to remember when focusing on Sobriety

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Eyes on the Prize: Things to remember when focusing on Sobriety

March 6, 2017

When it comes to the road to recovery, there can be many roadblocks or moments of despair. These moments can be tough and hard to overcome. It might seem like recovery is just a pipe dream and that our body and mind is forever attached to our addiction. But no matter if you are haunted by heroin or alcohol, it is seriously possible for the addiction to be defeated. With the guidance of our recovery care management, a sober companion, and/or sober escort, it is important to carry a few reminders to help stay focused on your end goal.


Mistakes are not in vein

Often one of the things that we dread while in recovery is the appearance of a relapse, emotional/anxiety attack, or any other kind of bad circumstance. We feel as though that we should not have done whatever it is we did in order to actually move forward. But a horse ride isn’t over when you fall off the horse. It is over when you give up and decide not to get back up on it. Support from your sober companion and recovery care management will certainly be here to accept and encourage you despite any mistakes and struggles.


Recovery takes time

As implied earlier, this is a journey involving roadblocks and learning. Recovery is not a speedy process. We are essentially reworking our lifestyle and mental inclinations to live healthier away from the traps of the addictive substances. To do that, we must have take steps ahead in their proper time, and allow the body and mind to move away from the addiction.


Asking for Help is good

Sometimes we can find ourselves believing that we are advancing if we have to ask for help. Yes, there comes times where we will have to find the strength in ourselves, but if we need help then we need help. There is no shame in that. It is the help that we receive that allows us to find the strength to handle any future struggles.


One of the biggest pieces of inspiration we receive in recovery is from those who know your struggle. If you would like to hear more about meeting with our recovery care team members, a sober companion, or any other friends along the way, then please give us a call. We are here for you and your future of freedom.