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Addiction Consulting

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Addiction Consulting

October 15, 2018

At Recovery Care Partner, we understand just how hard addiction can be to address. No one wants to admit that they or a loved one has a problem. However, dramatic and timely action can help your loved one lead a successful and normal life. There are many steps that go into the consultation process. How long has your loved one been using? How deep is their addiction? Would they willingly go to treatment or would that present a challenge? From the intervention process all the way to initial early recovery, we can help you find a way to return your loved one to serenity. With our addiction consulting services, we can take you through all the necessary steps to live a happy and healthy life.

Intervention Services

It is our mission to better the lives of people that are struggling with addiction and even dual-diagnosis. We are dedicated to improving addiction education and awareness throughout Atlanta, Richmond, South Jersey, Virginia, Georgia and elsewhere. If you need to confront your loved one on their addiction issues, an intervention can be a constructive tool to get your loved one’s foot in the door. Addiction is a devastating disease, but it is up to you whether or not it will continue to erode your family’s relationship. For treatment to be effective, it must come from a platform of dignity and respect.

Post-treatment Consulting

Our service provides the support that a recovering alcoholic and/or addict needs to survive in early recovery. Whether your loved one was in treatment for 2 months or 6 months, a solid recovery plan after an institution is vital in helping you or a loved one recover from alcohol or drug addiction. There will be many challenges when an addict returns to the real world and their home. Temptation is always around the corner and being prepared for challenges, instead of pretending they aren’t there, is the best route to take.

Sober Escorts and Sober Companions

There are occasions where we recommend someone to follow a recovering addict around after their stint in an inpatient rehab. Sober escorts or companions are often recovering addicts themselves. They know the ins and out of recovery and can help an addict in early recovery by relating to them and holding them accountable. Maybe your loved one needs transport to and from AA meetings. Maybe they need help getting out of the house. Isolation is a big factor in relapse. Having someone that your recovering addict can talk to can be instrumental in helping them face their demons. We have professional sober escorts from South Kersey and Philadelphia to Atlanta, all the way up to Connecticut.

A sober companion can provide accompaniment to:

  • Work
  • School
  • 12-step meetings
  • Doctor’s appointments
  • Family functions
  • Social functions
  • Travel or vacation

Addiction Education

We understand how hard early recovery can be. That is why we provide full-service addiction recovery services. We can take you or your recovering loved one through the intervention process, all the way to post-treatment procedures. Whether you need a sober companion, detox recommendations, sober transport or intervention services, Recovery Care Partner can help you return to a sober life.

Recovery Care Partner is your one-stop support system for recovery from alcoholism and addiction. While others assist through a single stage process, no other firm provides comprehensive counsel from pre-intervention through early recovery. Recovery Care Partner provides core services in intervention, treatment advocacy and planning, and post-treatment care.

Do not hesitate to contact us. The easiest way to contact us is by dialing the number on our contact page. Thank you!