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Why it is better to have a trained interventionist ready

People holding hands. Represents intervention specialist.

Why it is better to have a trained interventionist ready

March 20, 2017

If you have a friend or family member with an addiction problem, then an intervention is likely necessary. However, it is not the wisest choice to perform an intervention without any prior research or experience. That is why our professional intervention specialists can give you the needed guidance and preparations for your meeting. Here are just a few things that you can expect from working with a Recovery Care intervention specialist.


Balanced Guidance

Medical and psychological assessment is needed for interventions. The environment needs to feel calm yet taken seriously. It is a tricky situation, but with an intervention specialist, you will have the foresight to know what will calm the person, while not accidentally putting any stress on them as well. The best-case scenario is to have the person agree to go into recovery right there after the intervention is over with.


Costumed Treatment

The intervention specialist also will be able to recommend the best type of recovery treatment. Our process involves hearing about the person first (including the nature of their particular addiction). How they act in regards to addiction and their personal lifestyle has a big impact on how they react to the idea of recovery. Some people are open to recovery, while others are unsure or even fully against the idea. From there we can recommend which treatment program will best suit their needs. The strength of the addiction greatly indicates which kind of treatment is right for them. With the interventionist’s expertise and your personal understanding of the person, the person will not have to be afraid of being misunderstood at the recovery center.


Personal Understanding

The job for you as a friend/family member is to give them support and take away any worries that they may have. This might be anything from telling them not to worry about finances or what is going to happen to their career while they are in rehab. Most importantly, the intervention specialist is here to teach you how to receive the person with care while also pointing them to the prosperity that comes with recovery. For more information on our intervention services, please be sure to contact Recovery Care Partner today.