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Tips For A Successful Family Intervention

Family Standing Together

Tips For A Successful Family Intervention

May 6, 2016

Sometimes a loved one needs help and does not realize it or want to admit to themselves that they have a serious problem. It can be hard for someone suffering from the ravages of addiction to realize the true extent the substance is taking over their life and that of those around them. Here are some tips for planning a family intervention that has the greatest chance of success.

Create Your Team

The family members you choose to be part of the intervention should be chosen carefully. Ideally, those closest to your family member will be part of the team. However if one member is so emotional they cannot talk rationally and calmly during the intervention, they should not be there. Shouting and loudness can have the opposite effect that is intended.

Know The Facts

Addicts need to be told exact incidents that have led to the intervention. For example, if they woke up their sister in the middle of the night knocking on the door or struck somebody, this needs to be brought up. This is not the time for generalizations. Specific incidents put responsibility on the addict instead of sounding like a personal attack with no substance.

Intervention Specialist

For many families, it can be helpful to seek the advice and assistance of an intervention specialist. These types of counselors are trained to provide support and guidance when planning an intervention and coordinate a safe time and place to conduct the actual intervention.

Recovery Care Partners offers addiction counseling, intervention planning, and customized treatment plans for all types of addiction. For those that need a sober companion, we can help find one for your loved one and place them in their home for outpatient treatment. Sober companions are usually part of the process after a patient has spent some time in an inpatient program.