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Sober Coaching Tips: Things to know about withstanding withdrawals

Sober Coaching Dealing with Withdrawals

Sober Coaching Tips: Things to know about withstanding withdrawals

November 18, 2016

Withdrawals are often the biggest sign that one is addicted to something. It is also the reason why it can be so hard to overcome addiction in the first place. But withdrawals are not dead ends; they are a part of the road to recovery. Everyone experiences withdrawals differently, with varying symptoms and ways of overcoming them. So when going into recovery, it is important to consult your doctor and counselors for proper Sober coaching on what to do. However, if your doctor approves, here are a few living techniques that should offer some help with overcoming withdrawals.


Know your self

You must learn what it is that alerts your body and mind to crave your addiction. Work with your counselor to better understand your body and what your triggers are. Once you know yourself and the addiction, you will know how to better overcome it. However, there is more than just knowing what your triggers are. You have to also understand how your body responds to the triggers. You may not always be able to fully avoid a situation with triggers. For such situations, be sure to have proper precautions, such as a mental reminder that keeps you stable, or a friend on speed dial that you can talk to. Sober coaching advisors can offer more specific information.


A fuller life

The important thing to remember is that coping mechanisms and precautions are not a sign that you’ve lost the ability to live a full life. When you have to sacrifice things, it may seem like you are still under the curse of your addiction. However, this is never really the case. You are not loosing aspects of living. On the contrary, fighting withdrawals is teaching your body to live again. Addiction has stolen more of your life than anything else, and fighting withdrawals is the way to take your life back. See some of our testimonials from those who overcame the disease and are now living more fulfilled.


Only temporary

Another thing to remember is that the fight gets easier along the way. Withdrawals are always temporary. They normally go through a tough period before slowing down. Once you get over that hump with sober coaching and training, you will start to live much more freely and the precautions will not be as taxing.


Something to look forward to

Recovery is often seen as a dull, boring experience. However, once you go into recovery, you will realize that overcoming withdrawals involves having fun. The point of getting through addiction is to teach your body and mind not to need the substance. In order to show that there is more to life than just the high, you need to go out and enjoy life in its proper fashion. Most of these recovery techniques include positive disciplines, such as building relationships, exercising, and engaging in enjoyable activities. The more you do this, not only will you see how enriching your life can be, but you will also see how the substance was not as great as it once seemed.

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