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Sober Coaching Tips: Staying clean after Recovery

Woman in the sun with a hat. Staying drug free with sober coaching

Sober Coaching Tips: Staying clean after Recovery

December 16, 2016


If you are reading this and have completed the Recovery program, then on behalf of everyone at Recovery Care Partner, congratulations!! You have climbed a huge mountain and revolutionized your life. You must have learned quite a lot during your recovery. However, it is important to remember that both temptation and struggles can still arise post-treatment. It is also important that you remember that none of those struggles own you anymore, and you can stay strong above them. Here are a few sober coaching tips for you to stay clean once recovery is finished and you are back out in the world.


Eat healthy

This may at first seem insignificant, but eating healthy actually does do a lot for how one stays on track with recovery. You may have discovered this while in treatment through sober coaching education. Regardless, healthy eating is valuable both during and post-treatment. A balanced diet and regular exercise not only helps stabilize your body, but it also helps rebuild it after the destruction of the addiction.


Hobbies or passions

Addiction is often used as a false substitute for a fulfilling life. Now that you have your life back, it is time to take advantage of your second chance and really enjoy it. Practice some constructive activities. Anything from sports to art can be a wonderful new way of keeping your mind and body focused. Who knows, you might even find something that becomes a real passion.


Avoid Addiction-inducing situations

Although your new life is here, you might still see reminders of your old life in passing. Old friends, habits, or locations related to addictive behavior can still pop up in your day as you readjust. The important thing to do is to first recognize these habits, and then from there develop new habits that replace the old ones. You have to avoid the conditions that bring on the addictive behavior, and the best way to do that is to form new habits and relationships.


Check in Regularly

One of the great things about Recovery Care Partner is that we are not just a treatment facility or a sober coaching service. We are a family. Once you leave treatment, it is perfectly fine (even recommended) to give us a call and update us on how you are doing. We can help you make sense of any thoughts or concerns post recovery.