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Confronting Bad Thoughts with Addiction Counselors

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Confronting Bad Thoughts with Addiction Counselors

May 27, 2016

It is a brave step to admit one’s need for help. However, the anxieties that naturally haunt one’s brain can often hinder the recovery process. Depending on the substance in question, most addictions are not only physical, but also mental. Although different for every case, the reason for the addiction may not just be the feeling of the substance, but the reason may primarily be that the substance releases one from thoughts of worthlessness, guilt, and depression. Despite what we might have been told, those thoughts do not have to have a hold on us.

Confronting the Thoughts with Addiction Counselors

Let it first be noted that no one should confront addiction alone (mental or physical). Here at Recovery Care Partner, you will find doctors, mentors, and recovery companions who will listen and council you for your recovery needs. That includes calm and nurturing sessions with professionals who will guide you in confronting the thoughts that plague your mind with ideas of anxiety and depression. When you start out confronting thoughts alone, it’s very hard to convince yourself that the thoughts are not real. But once you start voicing your raw, uncensored thoughts to someone who can understand, you will begin to see that those thoughts do not hold up to reality.

Reaching Back to the Source

Often times certain thoughts originate from certain traumatic or defining moments in one’s life. It is important to realize that one cannot confront these thoughts without going back to the source. And the source should only be confronted with a trained Addiction counselor ready to listen and consult. Our counselors and coaches never judge nor condemn any patient based on their past experiences. As we’ve said before, there is no shame in where you’ve been.

Good Thoughts to Move Forward

Once you have learned to believe in yourself under the scrutiny of bad thoughts, you will soon be able to stand against them on your own and see that you are indeed safe. These thoughts don’t own you. They never have. The only problem is whether or not you believe they do. And we will help you to grow strong in your mental confidence. At the end of your recovery, you will be able to step out into the world say “I won!”