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Useful Books About Recovery

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Useful Books About Recovery

February 1, 2019

An adverse impact of a drug-filled life can result in the loss of friendship and families, the loss of joy in activities that used to bring you happiness, and a complete sense of disassociation. Sometimes knowing that you are not alone in your struggles can help you realize that someone has been through exactly what you are going through. There are quite a few books written on recovery, and reading about others’ experiences with addiction can help you relate and make you feel not-so-alone.

The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous

The gold standard of alcoholism recovery literature, the Big Book is one of the best-selling books of all time, having sold 30 million copies worldwide. In this tome, it describes the process of how thousands of men and women have recovered from alcoholism and shares many personal stories describing such. This book is used in multiple 12-step programs to help people recovery from eating disorders, drug addiction, love addiction, gambling addiction and other disorders. Time magazine placed this book amongst the top 100 most influential books written in English since 1923. In 2012, it was designated as one of the 88 “Books that shaped America” by the Library of Congress.

Gun, Needle, Spoon

Written by Patrick O’Neil, this book details O’Neil’s massive consequences associated with his drug abuse. To support his heroin habit, O’Neil would commit armed robberies to fuel his addiction. After being busted for several armed robberies, he was incarcerated for quite a few years. This incarceration led him to a life of recovery and rehabilitation, one which he writes extensively about in this novel.

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How to Grow Up

A memoir written by Michelle Tea, this book details the harsh realities that often come with alcoholism: several broken relationships, empty bottles around the house and the sink, cigarette butts on the floor, and maggots in the fridge were just a few of the consequences associated with her disease. This book is a how-to manual describing how to get what we really want out of life: a child, a good job, and a spouse are all attainable if an addict decides to stop drinking for good.

Clean: Overcoming Addiction

This is a great book on what addiction is and why it can happen to anybody. Why does it happen to so many Americans and what are the socio-economic factors? It touches on the latest research and discoveries and explores the futility of the war on drugs. This book is a great foundation to build upon as addicts discover why addiction entered their lives in the first place.

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